One day in Singapore, what can you do?

1 July 2018 Merlion, Singapore

Singapore, one of ASEAN Member States, becomes one of the most visited countries for many tourists without exception for Indonesian. Since Singapore includes in one of ASEAN countries and as a neighbouring country to Indonesia, many Indonesian choose this country as their holiday destination. For our information, this country is strongly categorized as a small country compared to other ASEAN countries so that could make tourists exploring it easily.

So, based on the title, I would like to record my one-day experience in Singapore. Firstly, I was in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia representing my country in AFMAM (ASEAN Foundation Model ASEAN Meeting) program. Briefly, I went there with 5 friends. We took a bus from Berjaya Times Square KL to Golden Mile Complex. We spent around 5 hours on the bus to get to our destination. The good thing was that we took the evening bus so we could arrive there in the very early morning. Because it was just a one-day trip, so we decided to walk for around 33 minutes from the bus stop station to Merlion Park Singapore. 
Merlion Singapore
Merlion Statue
To be honest, I didn't know where to go when I was there, haha. It was my first time going there and I didn't prepare myself for a trip because I was at the ASEAN conference. But, when I'm asked about Singapore, the first thing comes up in my mind is that the Merlion Statue haha. In fact, this statue is the official mascot of Singapore.

The thing that keeps me curious about this statue is that the combination of its head and its body. I, then, understand that from its name Merlion actually consists of two words. They are Mer = sea and lion. So, it is the lion of the sea. While the body represents Singapore's origin as a fishing village in the past. Therefore, it is called Merlion with lion-head and fish-body. Quite interesting 😉

The bad thing was that the Merlion was doing fine when I was there that's why it wasn't throwing up water from its mouth 🤪.
Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Marina Bay Sands. One iconic place to shot a picture in Singapore
Esplanade Theatre Singapore
I was intended to get a shot in front of the Esplanade Theatre, but only a half of taken haha. Thanks to a friend who was willing to shot me here 🤣. One unique thing about this building is that the shape is like durian fruit.
Garden by the bay
Garden by the bay. It's very beautiful place to visit. Despite its look, this garden aims to raise the quality of life by enhancing greenery and flora in the city.
Masjid Sultan Singapore
Masjid Sultan Singapore. Walking all day was undeniably tiring. So, we dropped here for praying and taking a break then continue to walk haha.
Bugis Street Singapore
Bugis Street Singapore
When I first heard the name, I, as Buginese, was thinking how could it possible Bugis tribe is here haha. In fact, based on the history, the reason why this street named Bugis Street is that the expert sailors who put their skills to good use in the past. Fascinating, isn't it? But the point is if you want to find souvenirs, Bugis Street is highly recommended for you 😊. Lastly, we returned to KL by bus in the evening on the same day🤣.

Therefore, I want to say that one-day trip to Singapore is really tiring yet worth it. Basically, you can do many things in Singapore even if you just have one day. The point is that visiting and taking a shot in front of Merlion Statue leads me to check off one of my bucket lists 🇸🇬✔︎.

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