15 Best Things to Do in Changi Airport

28 March 2019 Singapore

One of a very frustrating moments you will find when you decide to go traveling is airport. Whether you go on solo or on group trip. Airport condition always has its own way to drain our energy such as taking a long queue for checking-in, dropping luggage and immigration. All those activities require much time to get completed. Even-more, if you have a connecting flight from one destination to another where you have to spend more hours before departing. You know how the feelings gonna be like. 

Fortunately, if you have a lay over in Changi Airport Singapore, you can do many things that can entertain you. Sort of activities that can get you free out of boredom even rechange your energy.  According to my observation during my visit in Singapore, there are 15 best things to do in Changi Airport. They are as follows.

Get yourself captivated by the enchanted garden  
Echanted garden Changi
Echanted garden Changi : Source
If you like an environment with more nature, then you surely need to spare time to visit this garden. This enchanted garden is an interactive environment where the artificial living things inside can magically come to life with sights and sounds. While in this garden you can feel the sensor trigger sounds of nature and blooming flowers as the fibre-optic and LED lighting that forms a fascinating carpet of sparkling lights. 

This garden is located in Terminal 2 Changi Airport and it opens for 24 hours. If you have a lay over then you can evoke a Shangri-La-like atmosphere here. The centerpiece of the garden comprises four giant glass bouquet sculptures. Decorated with a mosaic of reflective and shimmering stained glass really brings out nature sense in the middle of shopisticated building. 

Get entertained in Movie Theatre 
Movie Theatre
Movie Theatre : Source
Imagine enjoying your favorite movie on your travel to somewhere? That would be definitely amazing. In Changi Airport, there is one of facilities where tourists can enjoy a movie. It is called Movie Theatre. This Movie Theatre provides varies genre of films and the most important one tourists do not need to spend any cent in order to get entertained (Free of Charge).

So, if you come to Singapore or have a long transit in Singapore, you can kill it by watching movies here. It is available in two locations: 
  • In Terminal 2 at departure transit hall, next to sunflower garden level 3, transit area. (It operates 24 hours)
  • And in Terminal 3 at departure transit hall north, next to ambassador transit lounge, level 3. 
Enjoying viewing malls
Getting bored with the movie and the enchanted garden, you can go to the viewing malls. This viewing malls can be found in Terminal 1, 2, and 3 and open for 24 hours for public. In this malls, you can feel the aviation enthusiasts and see plane spotters. Also, it gives you opportunity to observe aircraft and Changi Airport’s ground operations on the tarmac.  
Viewing malls
Get relaxed and enjoyed the airside action
Get relaxed in shower and spa 
Shower and Spa Facility
Shower and Spa Facility: Source 
Spoil yourself in a shower and spa facility at Changi Airport after a long flight journey. This lounge provides shower facility, medicure, foot reflexology, massage, and gym that opens for 24 hours. This shower and spa lounge can be found in 
  • Terminal 1 at the departure transit hall next to door C and D, level 3.
  • Terminal 2 at the departure transit hall next to door F and at the hall central, level 3.
  • And terminal 3 at the departure transit hall level 3.
Visiting Petalclouds 
Changi Airport Petalclouds
Changi Airport Petalclouds : Source 
Feel the enthralling experience of petalclouds that can be found in Terminal 4 both in departure transit hall and arrival hall. This art-science architect opens for 24 hours. It is a majestic kinetic sculpture that comprises six structures suspended 200 metres across the Central Galleria. It has movement that synchronises the animated lighting and music. Also, it presents a seamless amalgamation of art, music and science.  Its really worth to enjoy. 

Taking selfie in front of social tree
Another best spot in Changi Airport is the social tree. It is located in Terminal 1. This social tree is 9 metres in height and has the largest interactive installation. 

Endulging yourself with the social tree views that surrounds touchscreen photo booths that allows you to post both photos and videos on its colorful and animated crown.  
Social Tree
Social Tree : Source 
Visiting water lily garden
Another garden in Changi Airport is water lily garden that features natural aquatic environment as the plants in this garden are mostly adapted to freshwater environments where the lilies grow as marginal, submerged or floating plants. 
Water Lily Garden Changi
Water Lily Garden Changi : Source
If you like natural view, then you can visit this garden while having a lay over in Changi Airport Singapore. It opens at Terminal 1 and can be accessed 24 hours. 

Visiting the rain vortex
Spoil your eyes with the spectacular by day rain vortex, a 40 metres high and the nucleus of jewel indoor waterfall. Furthermore, this spot looks so magical specially in the evening as it takes on a mystic splendour. Also, it has sheet of water that can becomes a screen where light and sound are projected.  
Rain Vortex Changi
Rain Vortex Changi : Source
So, instead of getting bored waiting for the next flight, you can get relaxed at one of the many vantage points of rain vortex. 

Taking photo of kinetic rain
In Terminal 1 Changi Airport, in the departure hall, you also can enjoy the kinetic rain. A kinetic rain colored in gold that keeps moving like rain falls. Its made up of more than a thousands droplets and becomes one of the favorites art installation in Changi Airport.  
Kinetic rain Changi
Kinetic rain Changi : Source
These thousand gold raindrops are working together in harmony to symbolises the members of the airport community collaboration to provide a positively surprising Changi experiences for all tourists. 

Recharge your soul in the Prayer Room
If you are muslim and love traveling, there is nothing to be worried as you can get your soul rechange again. A very clean prayer room is also available in this very shopisticated airport in Terminal 1, 2, 3 and 4. 

Get tanning in swimming pool with jacuzzi
What? A swimming pool in the airport? This can’t be serious. That was the first argument came up on my mind when I first found out about this haha. In fact, the one and only airport that provides a swimming pool with jacuzzi is Changi Airport. While traveling, you can also enjoy swimming. 

Get yourself into the water in the rooftop swimming pool that is located at Terminal 1. All tourists can enjoy this facility while waiting for their next flight. It opens from 6 am till 12 am in midnight.  
Changi Rooftop Swimming Pool
Changi Rooftop Swimming Pool : Source
Spending SGD 17 for enjoying the rooftop swimming pool is really worth it.

Medical services
If you feel unfit on your journey, this airport also offers medical services. 
The medical services are available at several spots :
> Terminal 1 at level 2, departure lounge central that opens 24 hours.
> Terminal 2 at basement that opens from 8.30 am - 5.30 pm.
> Terminal 2 at departure lounge next to Gate E that opens 24 hours.
> Terminal 3 at the basement 2 that opens for 24 hours.
> Terminal 3 at level 2, departure lounge next to gate B that opens from 6 am to 12 am.
> And in Terminal 4 at level 2, departure lounge that opens from 2 am to 12 am. 

Take yourself into a magic world 
Harry Potter’s Installation
Harry Potter’s Installation : Source
Are you one of Harry Potter’s lovers? Well I am. During winter season, Changi Airport also provides an installation of Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley. It feels so amazing to experience the magic world atmosphere where you can wear a wizzard wardrobe holding a wand to pretendingly perform some spells haha. In addition, you can visit the fantastic beast installation.  
Fantastic Beasts Installation
Fantastic Beast Installation
Are you ready to get sorted into your house? If yes, which house will you choose? If your answer is Gryffindor, then we’ll be in the same house haha. 

Get Free Massage
Feeling tired of walking around? Dont worry as you can always get massage for free. To be honest, this is I love most where I can get my body relaxed again without spending any cent haha. 
Changi Free Massage
Changi Free Massage : Source 
You can simply sit down reading your favourite book then let the massage machines do its job. If you come to Singapore or having a lay over in Changi, you must try this massage machine :) 

Rechange your energy in Snooze Lounge   
Deciding to spend a night at Changi but you dont have enough to spend for the hotel airport? Dont sweat it haha
Snooze Lounge Changi
Snooze Lounge Changi : Source 
All you need to do is visiting the snooze lounge. This lounge is available in Terminal 1, 2 and 3. You can use it for free. Sleeping on the chair or rolling down on the floor with your luggage are no longer exist since you can sleep better in the snooze lounge for free😁
Alright, thats 15 best things to do in Changi Airport from sluggish_journey. So, are you guys ready to go traveling? If yes, dont forget to put Changi as one of your destinations.
Happy reading! :)

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  1. busett! bandaranya sudah kayak kota sendiri ya? hahaha
    bisa-bisa kita betah di sini berhari-hari
    Indonesia belum punya ya bandara kayak begini? Salah satu yang mendekati mungkin Sepinggan, Balikpapan. setidaknya di sisi hutan dan taman dalam bandaranya.

  2. Changi, one of the best airport in the world.
    You can even sleep in there for 1 or 2 nights.

    1. thats right, its even claim to be the best one :)

  3. haha
    ini bandara sudah jadi kayak tempat liburan :D
    tapi memang keren ini Changi, meskipun saya beberapa kali transit di sini tak menikmati terlalu lama fasilitasnya...

    1. iyya kak bisa jadi salah satu destinasi wisata :D

  4. Setelah membaca ini, arah liburan luar negeri suatu saat nanti jadi berubah. Kayaknya destinasi Changi Airport bisa jadi wajib untuk traveling nanti. Ada banyak yg bisa dinikmati di sini ya. Makasih kak infonya.

  5. beuh cakep bener airportnya berasa tempat wisata. hha semoga saya bisa kesana juga. aamiin

  6. Pengen mimpi dulu, semoga suatu hari bisa injak Changi Airport. Bandaranya bener-bener canggih ya kak. Pastinya kalau saya ke sana bakal betah berlama-lama.

  7. Waah very curious about the garden on Terminal 2 Changi Airport that opens for 24 hours. Would you share more photos of the place?

  8. I knew this airport is really awesome because I ever search building reference for my architecture job. Unfortunately I never been there. Hopefully one day I can go there. Pray for me please. Hehe.

  9. This airport looks like a tourism place..Never. mind, If we spent more time over there because this place has a lot of Interesting views..

    Nice review..If the Changi Airport read this article, they will be happy..

    1. Changi Airport management or owner,I Mean .hehe

  10. Saking kerennya ini bandara, saya pernah baca, bahkan orang Singapore sendiri suka datang ke Changi Airport sekadar untuk nongkrong..

  11. hal pertama yang harus dilakukan untuk menikmati tentu saja beli tiket ke sana :D
    etapi dari sekian banyak hal yang bisa dinikmati, sepertinya bukan aktivitas yang saya inginkan :)

  12. Seumur-umur belum pernah ke luar Indonesia. Hehe, semoga bisa mampir. Engagement pihak Changi pada passenger dari dulu selalu jadi buah bibir. Tapi adakah lapak buku yang keren di sana, kak? Sepertinya menarik. Apalagi kalau ada yang bisa dibaca dengan gratis, public library misalnya.


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