8 Unique facts you should know about Vietnam

6 March 2019 Vietnam

Heading to Golden Bridge Da Nang Vietnam
Heading to Golden Bridge Da Nang Vietnam
Hi guys, this time I am gonna share 8 unique facts that I found out when I came to visit Vietnam. I believe that everyone has known that Vietnam is one of SEA countries that for Indonesian can easily enter without a visa. So, the 8 unique facts are as follows : 

1. The number of motorcycles are more than cars

From my rough observation, mostly of Vietnamese using motorbikes to mobile than cars. In every stop junction, you can find hundreds or even thousands motorcycles, while the cars only like units or dozens. For that reason, the public transportation like buses are not functioned properly as people prefer to ride  a motorbike to go anywhere. FYI, research data states that there are around 40 million scooters in Vietnam and Oh you'll notice them!
Motorcycles in Vietnam
Motorcycles in Vietnam : source
2. Motorcycles have only one flat number

Ok, when I went out exploring around the city, I found the motorbike to be unusual from what I've always seen before. I thought those motorbikes dont have flat number until I found out the fact that it only has one which is set at the back. haha
One flat number motorcycles
One flat number motorcycles : source
3. Unique Helmet Shape

The third unique fact that I noticed in Vietnam is the helmet shape. To me, it looks like hat 😁. People used to wear it to go out using a very thick masker, unlike the masker we have in Makassar haha. Even some of them put on masker hat that is already completed with neck protection and sun glasses then wearing the helmet before riding their motorbike.
Vietnam Helmet
Vietnam Helmet : source 
4. Taxi driver is on the left (the opposite in Makassar) :D

For some people, this one might sound familiar and yet to me it seems really unique. I felt weird when I took a taxi to the airport as the driver sat on the left side haha.
Left side driver in Vietnam
Left side driver in Vietnam : source
5. No Traffic light laws

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, you definitely should cross the street in Vietnam haha. FYI, I almost got hit by a car when I tried to cross the street, anddd the drivers blamed me for crossing. what a cute coincidence hahaha. To be more specifics, kindly see the screen printing on the T-shirt below 😅
Traffic light laws in Vietnam
Traffic light laws in Vietnam : source
6. Pseudonym AKA second name

Vietnamese names are considered to be difficult to be pronounced especially if you are not Vietnamese. For example one of my AFMAM friends is called Cao Thị Thuỳ Trang (I don't know how to pronounce it myself haha), she has pseudonym to help her non-Vietnamese friends easily calling her. Vietnamese alphabets are similar with Indonesian Alphabets with some kind of dots either on top or under the character which represents its single point.
~There was something funny happened to me when I was on the bus heading to dragon bridge that located in Cầu Rồng (read : "gouzong", while I read it "cau rong") hahaha~
7. Most people don't believe in God
Well, I honestly don't judge people by their religion. I choose my religion and they choose theirs. But this time is a little bit different, because they choose not to believe in God as they don't want to be ruled by anything, they also don't know anything about other religions. For example, when I was accompanied by a friend from Ruby Homestay, a place where I stay in Da Nang, she suggested me to try a noodle with fork or pig flavour haha. Then when I refused by saying I cant eat fork because I am Muslim, she simply reply me saying "Why don't you eat fork, its very delicious" and I was just laughing then explaining to her that in Islam we're not allowed to eat fork for some reasons. Guess what did she say to me? She said "That's why I don't wanna have religion because religion has so many rules and I don't like being ruled by anything but myself".

8. Couple Tradition Market

The last unique fact about Vietnam is the Traditional Market. A very unique market to me that they call as couple market tradition. So, people in Vietnam have tradition that they called couple market where every financially  independent men are given chance to choose the beautiful girls who are ready to get married. Its kinda cool tradition to me, I meant no one will get alone in their entire life whenever they are ready to get married haha. Unfortunately this tradition only applies for locals, so dont hope too much. 😂
A couple in Tradition Market
A couple in Tradition Market : source
Alright, thats all the 8 unique facts from a journey of a slug 🐌😅. Happy reading. ^^


  1. Waduh saya pikir di tulis secara keseluruhan pake bahasa Inggris bakal ada terjemahannya di bawah tapi kali ini sama sekali nggak.

    Jujur saja , postingan yang kemari2n saya terbantu sekali karena langsung ada terjemahannya (maklum ya kak saya nggak terlalu paham bahasa inggris soalnya, hehe).

    Tapi yang postingan ini saya cuma bisa pahan sedikit saja kak. Btw setelah baca postingan ini baru saya tahu klu sebagian besar Penduduk Vietmam ternyata tidak percaya Tuhan / tidak beragama.

  2. Ternyata ada banyak hal yang tidak saya tahu soal Vietnam. Saya kira ada semua mi di RPUL.

  3. wah... tawwa sudah injak Vietnam,
    ini salah satu negeri impian yang saya mau kunjungi nanti

    satu yang perlu dicatat bahwa Vietnam ini nyaris sama saja dgn alam dan masyarakat Indonesia, ramah tamah, sangat natural.
    yang berbeda ada di nomor 7 ya, mereka ngga begitu percaya soal struktur agama-agama formal. saya yakin maksudnya mereka adalah agnostik, bukan atheis.
    mungkin malah lebih baik kondisi masyarakat begini, ngga akan ada yang men-judge kita kafir atau kurang beriman hanya karena beda pilihan capres nya...hahahha

  4. Saya harus akui kalau saya kurang tahu banyak soal Vietnam. Satu region tapi kurang akrab hahaha.

    Soal motor dan agama saya sudah tahu, begitu juga soal setir kiri. Mungkin ini karena pengaruh dari Perancis ya yang lama menjajah Vietnam?

    Selama ini kalau dengar kata Vietnam, yang terbayang di kepala saya itu Rambo sama Platoon. Dua film tentang Vietnam hahaha.

  5. So shock to read the unique fact number 7.. this fact finally found when she offer fork to you..hehe.. Don't believe on God..OMG..

  6. Hampir sama ya dengan di Indo, tapi no traffic light laws itu kayaknya terlalu beresiko deh. Memangnya latar belakang digituin kenapa?

  7. Sama kayak indo di beberapa point yah, di indo jiga kebanyakan motor daripasa mobil.
    Tapi itu no traffic laws aduh kebiasaan masyarakat itu, di makasssar beberapa titik jg begitu

  8. Di nomor 5, pejalan kakinya yg disalahin....
    Klo di sini mah, mau pejalan kakinya yg salah...tetap saja yg punya kendaraan yg disalahin...


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