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24 March 2019 Airport Blvd, Changi Airport Singapore (SIN), Singapore

Fantastic Beasts Installation
Changi Airport Fantastic Beasts Installation Spot
Changi Airport continues to improve its innovation in order to give the best service to all tourists who are traveling or having lay over in Singapore. This airport, in fact, turns out to be the best airport in the world. It offers varies facilities that can be accessed by all visitors domestically and internationally. 

One of the most shopisticated systems that applies in Changi is Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST). When I was traveling to Singapore, I only spent a day as everything cost an arm and a leg. Instead of renting a hotel to sleep, me and my friends decided to have lay over in Changi.
Changi Airport
Changi Airport (Source)
When I was in Changi, I was so much amazed by this system called FAST. Firstly, I kept wondering why there were no check-in counter officers working. I was innocently thinking that “oh perhaps this is a resting time”. Then I asked myself back “but why everyone is taking a rest in the same time?”. Waiting until morning, things did not change until I move closely to a machine and found out what was it for?. Then I realized that it was a FAST machine after reading the instructions on it. (Helloooo, I was literally wasting my time waiting for the check-in officers who will never show up hahaha)

PS : When you come to Singapore or have a lay over in Singapore, dont ever wait for the check-in officers as you need to do it yourself 🤣

So, Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST) is an independent check-in and check-out service. Everything is automatically using machine from checking-in, dropping luggage, till facing immigration process. FAST helps tourists out of queueing particularly when they are in hurry. Through FAST, you will only spend around 10 minutes to get everything’s done. 

self check-in using the automatic machine
Self check-in using the automatic machine (Source)
At first, you need to do self check-in using the automatic machine. In this case, you need to prepare your passport and your booking code flight number. After that, you will have to print out your boarding pass by simply following the process inside the machine and pressing the button “print out my boarding pass”.

PS : This is a self-check-in process, so there wont be any operator asssists you. Make sure to read the instruction carefully. 
Automated bag-drop machine
Automated bag-drop machine (Source)
After doing self check-in and print out your boarding pass, directly following the path to the automated bag-drop machine to drop your luggage (because I didnt have any luggage but cabin luggage, so I skipped this process). 

PS : In order to get your bag-dropping process done quickly, make sure to measure your baggage in the given lever balance to check whether you’re overload or not. If your baggage is oversized then you need to report it in the airline counter before proceeding to the next process. 

Once your check-in process complete, you may continue to the Automated Immigration Gate (AIG). In here you need to scan your passport and will be asked to scan your finger to get verified based on your passport. Remember to take off your passport cover so that the FAST machine can read your identity quickly.
Automated Immigration Gate
Automated Immigration Gate (Source)
The last process before entering the plane is going through the automated boarding gate. In this case if you are wearing hat or glasses, you need to take them off so that the machine can identify your face clearly. 

One good thing using this computed tomography service is that you dont need to get your electronic devices out your bag such as laptop or mobile phone. However, make sure that you dont have any sharp weapons like knive, scissor or liquid materials above 100 ml to avoid the ringing alarm.
Automated Boarding Gate
Automated Boarding Gate (Source)
FAST was really something new to me when I was in Changi Airport. In Makassar or in most other airports, our backpack needs to be checked by the officers before entering the plane. Even, when I was in Kuala Lumpur, I needed to take out all my electronic devices including open my shoes before passing the boarding gate. Yet in Singpore, everything is using machine and once we pass the automated immigration gate, all we need to do is entering the plance by scanning our boarding pass. 

I keep asking myself that if only every airport has this FAST like system, then no one will have to experience the airport stress condition that literally drains a lot of energy. I do hope that one day every airport can apply FAST like system so that we can really enjoy traveling :)
So, what do you think about FAST system? Its cool, isnt it? 😎

Furthermore, there are a lot of things and entertainments to do in Changi both for free and paid here 😉


  1. That such a great idea for the airport. I think Indonesia should have it too.

  2. FAST, di Indonesia apakah sudah ada ya cara seperti itu? Butuh 10 menit saja ya? Instruksinya jelas ya? Mudah ditemukan bagi yang pertama kali menggunakan?

    1. Kalau di Indonesia saya kurang tw kak apakah sudah ada atau belum hehe. Iyya kak prosesnya cepat sekali tanpa haru antri berlama-lama hehe. Instruksinya juga sangat jelas dan mudah dipahami. Bagi pemula selama kepo, pasti lebih mudah hehe :)

  3. Awalnya baca judulnya saya kira FAST yang dimaksud adalah fasting atau puasa hahaha.

    Sophisticated bangeds ya, memang seharusnya begini sih. Lebih efisien. Cuma kalau diterapkan di bandara Indonesia kasihan mereka yang belum terbiasa bepergian dengan pesawat.


      iyya kak efisien sekali. Menurut saya boleh kok diterapkan di Indonesia. Namun perlu ada edukasi publik terlebih dahulu agar lebih mudah dimengerti oleh siapapun termasuk orang yang terbiasa bepergian sekalipun :)

  4. kayaknya bagus juga di terapkan ini di bandara bandara yang ada di indonesia, krn traveler dari luar cukup banyak yang suka dolan ke indo, khususnya bandara bali dan cgk

  5. Canggih memang Singapura dih. Btw Saya menunggu artikel selanjutnya, Hal menarik yang bisa dilakukan di bandara Changi.

    Jadi ingat jokes dengan teman yang ngajak jalan2 pas lagi kere, katanya lagi Ada promo Mks-SNG 500rb ji. Nda usahmi kemana-mana di bandara maki saja hahahahha

  6. Canggih sekali FAST di changi Airport ini. Pastinya sangat efisien sekali ya kak. Jadi nggak perlu ngantri lama. Semoga ke depannya FAST ini juga ada di Bandara Indonesia.

  7. canggih yah.. lebih efisien dan hemat waktu. tapi jadi mikir, kalau semua hal tergantikan oleh mesin begini, interaksi dengan sesama manusia akan jadi berkurang.


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