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15 May 2019 Makassar, Makassar City, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

One bad chapter doesnt mean your story is over. Just keep reading. ~thegoodquote.co

Every human being is born with their own book that contains their life story. A book that tells the whole chapters of their life ever since they are still in their mother womb till the end of their life. Every tale in their life has been told systematically and orderly.  

Some might came out to this world imperfect physically such as without feets, unable to hear, blind or other cases. They do have their own story. 

Some might born in a conflict family. Tension, shouting, fighting become their daily consumption. They  do have their own story.

Some might came out to this world in a very small house in the country side. No electricity, no reception, leaving behind from the crowd of a city that insist them to fight every step to get the point that they call a bright future. They do have their own story.

Some might born in unsafe environment that requires them to live under a tent till they grow up. Being friend with bombing attack, shooting bullets or unfriendly circumtances that might invite an acid rain that could kill them instantly. They do have their own story.

Whatever it is the story that we are being through today, we only need to reach one point. A point that only us who will determine how will it be. We are all given two options whether we choose to end our story in misery or to close our book with a happy ending story. 

You are the main cast or character in your own story. And so am I in my  own story. And we all are. For that reason, live our role as best as we can. Take it easy, each part in it wont last long. When sadness comes by, be patient. When happiness comes by, be grateful. 

Therefore, I hope that one day we can sit together under a shady tree while holding our respective story book, telling story each other, laughing togther, having fun with it and admiring each other on how our story reaches this eternal heaven.

~got inspiration from a friend

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