28 April 2020

I am Mercury
I am Mercury
Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and becomes the smallest in our Solar System. Its diameter just over 3,032 miles or 4,880 Km. This planet is one of the terestrial planets that consists of three main layers: core, mantle and crust with no tectonic plates. 85% of Mercury is made of enormous core and the rest 15% are the mantle and crust. 

Why this planet becomes the smallest among 8 major planets?

This is due to the exceptional size of its hot iron core that has slowly cooled down and contracted, pulling the surface inward and causing it to shrink. In 4,5 billion years, the size of Mercury gets smaller radially by more than 4 miles (7 Km). 
the solar system

As its the nearest planet to the star of the Solar System, it has the fastest revolution comparing to other planets on average distance 36,000,000 miles.

Unlike the Earth with 6 layers of the atmosphere (Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, and Exosphere), Mercury is only protected by exosphere, the most out layer of the atmosphere, which made of oxygen, sodium, hydrogen, helium and potassium that all whipped up by solar winds from the surface.

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This planet is also called as an extreme planet due to the changing temperature. In the day time, its temperature could climb up to 800 F (427 C) and fall to -290 F (-179 C) in the night time. This explains that its day is extremely hot and its night is frozen.

The orbit of Mercury is elliptical, slowing down when it's further away from the Sun and accelerating as it gets closer. It completes one full orbit with 88 days based on Earth Calculation. 1 Year in Mercury equals 88 Days on Earth which means its time is faster than other planets.

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Even if this planet is difficult to observe from the Earth, Scientists can have adequate information about Mercury due to the successful landed of two spacecraft: NASA’s Mariner 10 and Messenger. 

You may watch the following video for more information:

To conclude :

  • The smallest planet in the Solar System
  • Mercury is made of rocky material with the solid surface without rings and moons as the satellite.
  • It has the shortest orbit in the Solar System at about three Earth months or 88 days.
  • Its grey similar to the Moon with rough surface caused by the asteroids hit. 
  • It takes 59 days to complete one rotation, resulting in the extreme changes of temperature. 
  • It's only protected by Exosphere, the most out layer of the atmosphere. 
So that's the explanation of the Mercury, I hope that it can help you understand about it. 

Your loyal Cap. Idaa 
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