21 April 2020

I am a tree and I have a shadow
I am a tree and I have a shadow
In the morning or afternoon, you will have longer shadow due to the Sun is lower in the sky. At noon or midday where the Sun is high in the sky, your shadow will be shorter. But why do we have a shadow? To answer this we must first know what is a shadow?

Shadow is an area of darkness where light cannot reach. That means shadow can only be formed when an object of materials blocks the light.

There are three types of materials around us. They are opaque, translucent and transparent. Will all these materials form shadow? Let's find out!

Opaque, Translucent and Transparent materials
Opaque, Translucent and Transparent boards
Opaque, Translucent and Transparent boards

The picture above shows us that we are unable to see the first kid face because his board is opaque. This type of material doesn't allow any light to pass through it. In other words, it blocks all the light that falls on it. Therefore, it can produce the darkest shadow. 

You can see the second kid’s face yet unclear due to her board is translucent. This material allows some light to pass through and reflect the rest that is why we cannot see through it. Translucent materials form a light shadow. 
The last kid’s face can be seen clearly as his board is transparent. Most light can pass through transparent materials that is why we can see through it. This material will not form shadow.
So, why our body can form a shadow? You guessed it, our body can block the light.

What do you think the uses of opaque, translucent and transparent materials? 

Without us knowing these three materials have an important function in our daily life. Take bathroom door, for example, its made of opaque material which blocks all light from passing through so it gives us privacy from the inside. Imagine if it's made of transparent material? Well, you know the answer. 

Move to translucent, have you ever gone to the beach where the Sunlight is so bright? In this situation, you need sunglasses to protect your eyes which are made of translucent material. Glasses made of opaque and transparent material will not help you. In contrary, glasses made of transparent material is needed for reading so that you can see through it clearly. 

But remember :

Not all types of glass and plastic are transparent. 

Does the position of objects affect the size of the shadow? 
The answer is YES, the closer the object to the light source, the bigger the shadow. This is because a larger area of light will be blocked, increasing its size. 

From morning to evening, our shadow changes from longer to shorter and then back to longer. This happens because the Earth is spinning on its axis and the Sun appears to move throughout the day. So, it is not the Sun that is moving, it is us. Wow, interesting right?

In conclusion, a shadow is an area of darkness formed when light is totally or partially blocked because light travels in straight lines and it can change its shape, length, position and size when the position of the light source or object changes. 

To understand more about shadow, you may watch this video:

So that's the explanation of shadow, I hope that it can help you understand about it. 

Now, let's try this!
Now you understand what is shadow and how it formed. Can you identify 3 objects in your home that is made of opaque, translucent and transparent material and explain the reason why. Please submit your answer in the following comment box!.

Your loyal Cap. Idaa 

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  1. Opaque:a wood cause no lights can past through wood
    Translucent:a day curtains cause only some lights can past through
    Transparent:a clear plastic bag cause most lights can past through

  2. Frosted glass is translucent because it is not allowing our eyes to see what is behind it
    Window is transperent because allow us to see clearly what is behind it
    Door is opaque because it is not allowing us to see what is behind it

  3. opaque:Table,Chair,Book.
    Why:Beacause No Light Can Pass Trough

    Translucent:Frozen Glass Frozen Window,Frozen Ice
    Why?:Beacause Some Light Can Pass trough

    Why:Cause Light Can Pass trough(Rena)

  4. opaque:
    a wood door cause no lights can past through
    a curtains cause only some lights Can past through
    a glass cause most lights can past through
    ~Aldi 5B~

  5. Translucent:frosted glass, sunglasses,and curtain,because its allows some light to pass through.
    Transparant: bowl(glass), windows,and camera lens, because its allows most of light to pass through.
    Opaque:door,book,and phone, because its not allows most of the light to pass through.

    #Arumi 5A#

  6. Eli 5A
    My hat that have a transparent shield on it
    It is transparent so i f i go outside (maybe) i can see where am i going
    My bathroom door
    So if someone in the toilet they will have privacy
    My front door
    So no one from outside can see what is unside of my house

  7. opaque:chair,door,table
    Why? Because no light pass trough

    Translucent : frosted glass,frosted jar,ice
    why? Because some light can pass trough

    transparent:water,window ,clear jar
    Why:because all light can pass trough


  8. my hat is opaque so i can protect my head from the sun.

    my sunglasses is translucent so i can protect my eyes from the sunlight.

    my window is transparent so i can see whats happening outside.

    -Nufah 5A

  9. opaque:my laptop,because i use itfor wa online class
    translucent:my sunglasses,because it protect my eyes form the sun
    transparent:my window, to see my flowers

  10. Opaque object:
    Table because when I use it, I cannot see through it.
    Translucent object:
    Bathroom window because when you see the window it is not clear what you see through the window.
    Translucent object:
    Window because I can see through it clearly when I want to see the view.

  11. Just know I wrong just know,
    Opaque:I have door in my room for my privacy
    Translucent:I have day curtains in my room for the sun to not shines in my room
    Transparent:I have a clear door for the drawer for my mom Tupperware for my mom can see the Tupperware clearly

  12. Those material that allow light to pass through are called transparent the example are glass, water, and air. Those materials that allow some light to pass through them are called translucent and include things like frosted glass ,wax paper,and a piece of tissue. If an object does not allow any light to pass through is opaque. The example of opaque are tabel,chair,and wall.

    -Princessa R.A.-

  13. Vault is opaque so there is no one see money inside
    Glasses is transparent because we can see it clearly
    Googles is translucent so we can see underwater
    Lamp shade is translucent so the lamp is not too bright
    Lamp is transparent so light can travel to that room
    Glass is transparent so we can see clearly through them
    Paper is opaque so we can write clear
    Bathroom door is opaque because it keep our privacy

  14. Radithya: transparent: window, so i can see the most horrifying things out there
    translucent: bathroom window, so no one tries to see me in the shower
    Opaque: door, so light can not pass through and make my room 10x more hotter

  15. Athillah: Opject can't be see : wall door bed metal and platic

  16. Opaque : Door, because we cant see anything behind it.

    Translucent: Curtain, because it let some light pass through it.

    Transparent : Window, because we can see everyrhing behind it.

  17. Opaque:door,for the people outside house can't see what inside my house.

    Translucent:sunglasses, to protect our eyes from the sun but we can still see trought it.

    Transparent:windows, to see clearly

  18. opaque
    bathroom door to keep our privacy
    mirror to see our reflection
    paper so our writing is clear
    curtains so the ligt is not to brigt enter to our room
    shawl so our body is not freezing
    shade lamp so my room is not to bright
    window so there is a light from sun that make my room bright
    shoes cabinet to show off my shoes when there is other people
    clock glass so i can see what time is it

  19. Opaque:door,so we can keep privacy
    Translucent:coloured plastic,so others may not see clearly what i buy
    Transparent:window,to look outside

  20. Name :Princessa rahadatul aisy
    Grade :5A

    Transparent items are glass, water, and air. Transparent materials is that allow most light to pass through them.Translucent items are frosted, glass, and wax paper.Translucent materials is that allow some light to pass through them.if Opaque items are book, mask, and cards.Opaque materials is that not allowing light to pass through them.

  21. Good lesson
    thank you for sharing :)


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