The Solar System

27 April 2020

the Solar System
The Sun is the center of the Solar System
When you look at the sky in the evening, you can see many sparkling objects. They are burning ball of fire known as stars and visible during the night with naked eyes. The Sun is one of the stars, why cant you see it during the night?. Using telescope, you will be able to spot few planets and other space objects. Why these objects are hard to detect during the day? Lets read through to find the answer !

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In 24 hours, we experience sunrise and sunset, days and nights, the Sun apparent movement throughout the day. Without us knowing that its happening due to the Earth spinning on its axis. So, everyday, the Sun rises in the East in the morning, then it appears to move gradually across the sky before setting down in the West in the evening because of the Earth rotation

What are the causes of the Earth spins/rotates on its axis?

We might wonder why the Sun rises in the East in the morning and appears to move across the sky before setting down in the West in the evening?. This is because the first part of the Earth that exposes with the sunlight is the East and West becomes the last part of the Earth that reaches the sunlight. So, if you’re asking : Does the Sun moves across the sky? Well, the Sun doesnt go anywhere, it is the Earth that rotates on its axis, causing day and night, sunrise and sunset withing 24 hours. While spinning on its axis, it also revolves around the Sun. One complete revolution takes 1 year or 365 days, resulting different season in every part of the Earth. 

while the Earth rotates on its axis, it constantly revolves around the Sun

Common Misconception(s):

  • The Sun rises at exactly the same position in the East and sets at exactly the same position in the West every day.
  • The Sun moves around the Earth because it appears to move across the sky in the day.
  • The Earth’s revolution around the Sun causes the cycle of day and night.
  • The Sun moving around the Earth causes the cycle of day and night. 

What objects that make up the Solar System?

As the Sun becomes the centre of the Solar System, there are 8 main planets revolve around it. These planets are divided into two categories, terrestrial (inner) planets and Jovian (outer) planets. They are divided by an asteroid belt that lies between them. Terrestrial planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. While Jovian planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. These planets are not the only objects that orbit the Sun, other space objects such as comets and asteroids also orbit the Sun. Together, they make up the Solar System

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What instruments and machines can be used to explore the space? 

  1. The telescope can be used to see space objects that are far away.
  2. Rocket. It is used to launch artificial satellites, space probes or humans into space.
  3. Space probe. It can carry instruments to explore faraway places in space.
  4. Rover, it can be used to explore the surface of a planet.
  5. Space station. It provides a place or base for astronauts and scientists to live and work in space. 

To conclude, the Solar System consists of the Sun, which is a star made up of hot gases, and the objects that orbit it. These objects are asteroids which are rocky objects found mostly in the asteroid belt, comets which are icy balls of dust and rocks develop dust tails when they approach the Sun, and the 8 planets. 

To understand more about the characteristics of each planet, you may watch this video:

So that's the explanation of the solar system, I hope that it can help you understand about it. 

Your loyal Cap. Idaa 

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  1. Cause of the rotation of earth that creates day and night

  2. Because the country different

  3. Bryan Evan thamsil28 April 2020 at 09:40

    Because the earth ia rotating so each countries have different season and time night and day

  4. Why do different countries experience different seasons and different sunrise amd sunset? Well, 'cause the earth rotates on its axis which causes day and night. And also one part of the earth is facing the sun, and the other is not.

  5. Farrel
    Because earth is rotating

  6. Because of the rotation of earth that creates Day and night

  7. Because the orbit spin around the sun on earth there why she have day and night athillah

  8. cause the country are set in a different location and the earth rotation is take 24 hours that cause day and night

  9. Bacause the earth has night and Day

  10. Because the sun revolution

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