The Water Cycle

14 April 2020

Uncle get caught by the rain
Uncle get caught by the rain
Have you ever wondered how the clouds are formed? Or where does rain come from? Well, it is the water cycle

The truth is that the volume of water on Earth stays the same all this time. Why then, during summer its volume seems decreased while in the rainy season, its seems increased? What is happening?

The answer is that water doesn't go anywhere. It is the water cycle takes place. So, what is the water cycle?

The water cycle is a circle of water that occurs repeatedly in a certain pattern from Earth to the atmosphere and then back to earth. Let's take a look at the picture below:

the water cycle
 In the process of water cycle, there are three main stages:
  1. Evaporation 
This process happens when the water from the ocean changes into water vapour. The rate of evaporation is affected by heat from the Sun, surface area and the wind. This explains that the hotter the heat from the Sun or the wider the surface area or the stronger the wind, the faster the water evaporates. 

PS: through this process, the matter gains heat.

  1. Condensation
Condensation takes place when the water vapour in the clouds cools down and changes back into the water. This means, during the process of condensation the matter loses heat.

Earlier to that, when water from the surface of the Earth gains heat from the Sun and evaporates, it changes into water vapour. The water vapour rises in the air and condenses into tiny water droplets when cooled. These tiny water droplets gather to form clouds.

  1. Precipitation 
As more water vapour condenses in the air, the tiny water droplets in clouds form bigger and heavier droplets. The water droplets from clouds fall to the Earth’s surface as rain. This process is called precipitation. 

So, when the water in the lake is polluted. Will the rainwater that is formed from the polluted water of the lake be polluted? 

The answer is NO,
When water from the polluted lake evaporates, the solids and other matter that pollute the lake are left behind in the lake. The rainwater that is formed will not contain the matter that polluted the lake. 

You can prove this by dissolving some salt and water then put into the paper cup. Leave the container under the Sun, in the next morning, you will find the crystal salt in it. This will tell you that the liquids evaporate while the solids stay.

Other three stages are :
4) Infiltration 
5) Groundwater
6) Transpiration

As more water falls on to the ground, some will directly flow into the ocean, others will seep into the ground which is known as infiltration. This seeping water eventually forms groundwater. When the Sun is high in the sky, the heat increases and causes the plants to sweat into vapour, this is called transpiration. 

To understand more about the water cycle, you may watch this video:

However, water cycle can be affected by some human activities such as disposal waste without proper treatment can impede the evaporation, the overused of insecticide and chemical fertilizer, and illegal logging causes the ground unable to perform water reserve. 

So that's the process of the water cycle, I hope that it can help you understand about it. 

Now, let's try this!

When Aisha walks in the morning, she can see dewdrops on leaves. Yet later in the afternoon, the dewdrops disappear and she thinks that because the leaves have used up the water in them, so they absorbed back the water. Is Aisyah correct? Explain your answer in the comment box below! 

Your loyal Cap. Idaa 

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  1. This is amazing and spectacular really helping you for learning water cycle

  2. No i think? beacause the dewdrop has evaporate beacause of the heat from the sun(Rena)

  3. Hi this is hilmi wkkwkwkw

  4. A good lesson in science
    Fathan 5A

  5. No, cause the water got evaporate by the sun -inayah-


  7. No, because i think the dewdrops evaporate beacause the sun

    - Nufah

  8. NO!,Because the leaves didnt absorbed the water,the water is gone because the sun burn up the water so that it is gone-hilmi-

  9. Wrong,because the water droplets evaporate in the afternoon
    Fathan 5A

  10. No, because the water evaporates back ti the clouds

    -Eli 5a

  11. No because the water droplets on the leaves evaporate.

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