10 May 2020

I am Jupiter
Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun. This space object becomes the largest planet in the Solar System with a diameter 142,984 km) that potentially able to fit in 1300 planets the size of Earth. Can you imagine how huge it is?

The size of Jupiter maybe tens of times larger than the Earth, but this doesn't define Jupiter older than Earth. If Neptune, 5.5 billion-year-old, could be older than the Earth. Jupiter, on the other hand, is 40 million years younger than Earth.

Hint: Earth = 4.543 billion years old
so, how old is Jupiter? Well, you guess it!

Despite its large size, humans will never be able to live on Jupiter. Not only because its located away from the Sun and Earth, but also due to the indefinite surface. Unlike the terrestrial planets, Jupiter is a giant jovian, no lands but gas.

Even though the distance is away from the Earth, Jupiter can easily be seen with naked eyes in the night sky as a bright white star. This is because Jupiter can cast shadows when light is reflected on it, makes it the second brightest space object after Venus. 

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Paying close attention to Jupiter could lead us to a giant red dot on its surface. This red dot was not a cloud but a huge storm that was three times bigger than the size of the Earth has been raging for more than 300 years. This storm was first discovered by Giovanni Cassini in 1665 (an Italian astronomer) and becomes one of the best-known features of Jupiter.

As one of the Jovian planets, Jupiter is composed primarily of gaseous and liquid matter. This gas giant massively 74% consists of hydrogen with 24% of its mass being helium and the other 1% are the combination of ammonia, methane and water. Due to its gaseous state, it may not have rocks rather than dense and liquid in its core. In the middle of Jupiter lies an ocean. Unlike the ocean, we have on Earth that consists of water, the ocean of Jupiter contains metal or metallic hydrogen that is covered by a thick veil of hydrogen and helium.

Just like other planets, Jupiter is named after the Roman God due to its greatest size. Jupiter itself is the name of the king of the Gods in the ancient Romans. This name practically is following the size of Jupiter. Nevertheless, to the Greeks, Jupiter was a symbol of the Thundergod Zeus. In the same time, Jupiter was the God of protector Marduk to Mesopotamian people.  

Does Jupiter have a ring?
unlike the ring of Saturn, Jupiter has a ring made of dust. This ring was built from Jupiter’s satellite that is pulled into Jupiter because of its gravitational force, the strongest in the Solar System. The planetary ring of Jupiter composed of three main segments. The halo as the inner ring, the bright central ring, and the gossamer as the outer ring.

Apart from being surrounded by a faint ring and a powerful magnetosphere, this largest planet has 79 known moons. In 1610, Galileo (an Italian astronomer) discovered four largest moons of Jupiter recognized as Galilean moons. The four largest moons are IO (most volcanically active body in the solar system), Ganymede (the largest moon in the solar system), Europa and Callisto along with Ganymede (may contain oceans of liquid water underneath their crusts. 

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Comparing to the other 7 planets, Jupiter spins the fastest on its axis, causing one day on Jupiter lasts only around 10 hours on Earth. Because of this swiftest rotation, turbulance and storms continually occured. Even if this planet requires less time to complete one full rotation, it, on the other hand, needs 11.8 Earth years to orbit the Sun once. 

Jupiter is a giant planet with the most powerful gravity in the Solar System. This gravity is not only useful for itself, but also to its surrounding celestial bodies, including Earth. This strongest gravitational force could damage comets, meteorites and asteroids that pass nearby. In 1994, when comet Shoemaker-levy 9 was predicted to crash Earth, pulled into Jupiter. Therefore, instead of crashing the Earth, this comet hit Jupiter. 

Pioneer 10 was the first spacecraft made the closest approach to Jupiter on December 4, 1973, giving us adequate information regarding this giant planet.  

For more detailed, you may watch the following video!

So that's the explanation of the Jupiter, I hope that it can help you understand about it. 

Your loyal Cap. Idaa 

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