3 May 2020


I am Neptune 
Neptune is also known as an ice giant. This ice giant becomes the fourth-largest planet due to its diameter 49.530 km and the third-largest according to its mass. Comparing to Earth, Neptune has 17 times bigger mass, orbiting the Sun from 30 astronomical units (4.450 million km). It has 14 moons as its natural satellites. Despina, Galatea, Halimede, Hippocamp, Laomedeia, Larissa, Naiad, Nereid, Neso, Proteus, Psamathe, Sao, Thalassa and Triton (as its biggest moon).

This planet was discovered on 23 September 1846. It is the eight and the farthest planet from the Sun in our Solar System. Because of its great distance from the Sun, Neptune is cold, dark and icy. It takes 16,1 hours to complete one full rotation on its axis and at the same orbiting the Sun. One full orbit in Neptune takes 164,8 years due to its distance from the Sun which also makes it the slowest planet. 

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In terms of speed, Neptune might be considered as the slowest space moving object, but when it comes to storm this gas giant has the most horrifying storm with 1,340 km per second that capable of breaking the sound barrier. 

Did you know? that 45% of Neptune’s composition made of its core which 1,5 times the size of Earth. Another 55% is the surface that contains water, methane and ammonia ices. This planet is covered by a layer of clouds that consist of hydrogen, helium and methane, causing it reaches in blue colour. This blue colour stands the reason of Neptune was named after a Roman Sea God. 

Neptune was accidentally discovered by an Italian astronomer, Galileo. He found Neptune in the night sky assuming it as a star instead of a planet. Only after the scientists wondered the irregular orbit of Uranus, leading them to speculate to another existence of the planet. This speculation come to reality in 1846 and Neptune was officially discovered. Due to its strong gravitational force, it can pull another space objects towards it. This condition causes Uranus having irregular orbit. Therefore, Neptune is also called as a Troublemaker. 

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How old is Neptune
It has the same age as the Sun and they both 1 billion years older than the Earth, which is 4,5 billion years old. So, how old is it? Well, you know the answer :)

So that's the explanation of Neptune, I hope that it can help you understand about it. 
Your loyal Cap. Idaa 

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  1. So the age of Neptune is 4.503 billion years

    1. So the age of Neptune is 4.503 billion years
      (Arumi 5A)
      (Just now forgot to input the

  2. I like this article. It's informational but actually fun to read.

  3. Athillah Neptune is the longest planet on the solarsystem


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